Australia's New Tax Policies Charting a Path for Sustainability

Jena Skivington, 2012-08-21

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Australia is one of the largest contributors to Carbon emissions in the world. In recent months, the Australian goverment has imposed two taxes that will change the way that their citizens utilize energy.

Australia has an ample supply of coal in their country, which has been one of the contributors to its extensive carbon emissions. On July 1st, the Australian goverment imposed a carbon tax and a mining levy for iron ore and coal that will increase the cost electricity production from traditional energy sources.

"The best taxes impinge little on the decisions people make, or fall on things worth inhibiting. Carbon taxes are an example of the second, forcing people to bear more of the cost of the carbon they burn, including its unpriced contribution to global warming."

These taxes represent a separate goal of reducing carbon emissions throughout the country while promotiong job creation and development of new technologies toward sustainability. More countries should be building on a similar policy to produce a cleaner environment before we all destroy it. 

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