Biggest International Solar Show of the Year!

Gea Franklin, 2012-09-24

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There are those who would have you believe everything you hear, “The environment is no longer a top priority”.  We’d like to prove them wrong. With the unstoppable commitment to clean energy that a motivated and driven segment of society lives and sweats for everyday, the environmental movement is alive, and well….

The Solar Power International convention, held in Orlando, FL., was a mixed bag for the solar industry this year. SPI almost proved that theory about environmentalism waning in priorities since the first Earth Day in 1970 when the environment was the #1 cause to fight for. Attendance was down from recent years on the first day, proving solar’s current challenges in the US, as well as globally.

Fortunately the final two days of the show brought more energy, coinciding with top shelf speakers like President Bill Clinton who took to the stage passionately addressing the many thousand strong in the audience. It was a fervent speech that inspired our struggling industry to hold on and ride the tumultuous waves that threaten to crush the clean energy sector. He encouraged the movers, shakers and leaders in solar power to hold steady and persevere. Easier said than done, no doubt, but certainly influential voices like Bill Clinton cheering on our industry helps in degrees. We’ll take every bit!                     


To the credit of LUMOS VP of product development, Chris Klinga and Architect/Solar installation company owner Stan Pipken, our LSX Canopy, which was our show “booth”, garnered overwhelming praise for its sleek and modern design. The LSX Canopy doing double and triple duty is definitely a winning product. And yes, we got a lot of attention and praise. The orders, we’re still working to get those in. We are ready!

It’s an evolving market all across the globe in solar and renewable energy. The storms are tossing companies to and fro, capsizing more than not. What is an industry to do to survive these storms? At LUMOS we are streamlining and charting our course as strategically as we can. As we work to navigate these churning seas we stay focused on the horizon. All hands on deck! 

Now go get some solar energy!

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  • Joe Maurer (11/27/2012 @ 3:32pm)

    Keep up the good work Lumos! You're among the 'movers and shakers'!

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