LSX Frameless Modules are a Game Changer in the Solar Industry


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“The biggest feat of the LSX Module System is providing the most aesthetic solar product on the market while bringing down the overall expense of an installation by dramatically reducing labor costs,” explains Lumos Solar product designer Chris Klinga. “It’s a unique marriage of the needs of the installer and the end user.”

The announcement of the LSX Module System was made official in October at The Solar Power International. As the world’s first frameless solar module system with plug-and-play racking and wiring, the system is making a resounding splash in the clean energy industry. Needless to say, the Lumos offices in Boulder, Colorado are abuzz with the massive potential of the revolutionary new system.

The sleek LSX modules are available in three different color options that better suit contemporary home design and give discerning clean energy buyers and utility integrators a choice in the appearance of their system. The frameless module design further improves on the appearance of a clean energy system by giving a solar array a glassy, seamless look, more like a skylight or tinted window than the industrial appearance of standard, aluminum-framed solar modules.

The LSX Module System not only looks better, but it also performs at an industrial standard, so it replaces standard solar panels and offers competitive energy production in every application including utility, commercial and residential applications.

Solar installers are particularly excited about the new LSX Module System because it allows faster installations that looks better – and costs less – than traditional arrays. Traditional solar arrays use aluminum-framed modules from one manufacturer, mounting clamps and racking from a second and wiring from a third, and installation requires cutting and splicing wires and time-consuming alignment of the different elements. In contrast, LSX is a single, streamlined product with a low-profile frameless module, plug-in wiring connections, and a rack optimized with indexed mounting for fast and accurate module-to-rack connection.

Besides the obvious advantages, the LSX Module System makes solar power greener. The frameless modules are manufactured with no aluminum resulting in lower embodied energy. Integrated wiring and racking reduces installation time and material waste. Overall, the LSX Module System offers the highest value and smallest carbon footprint of any silicon-based module, racking and wiring combination.

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