Lumos Photo Contest Winners Announced


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With all of the recent activity surrounding our Lumos panels, dealers have been sending us great pictures of projects they have undertaken using a variety of Lumos products. From stunning ground mounts to environmentally friendly rooftop arrays, it's obvious that our customers are of the hard working variety. After sending this flood of great installation photos around the office, we decided it was time to reward these dedicated customers!

This contest was all about the best looking arrays designed and installed with Lumos panels. All of our dealers had the opportunity to submit photographs of what they felt was their best install. We had a big pile of photograph submissions and all of us at Lumos were impressed with their unique designs and high quality work.

Our first place prize was a Lumos LSX product display given to the best looking install submitted by our dealers. The LSX frameless panel system is a revolutionary new approach to solar module design. What better way to show it off than with your own LSX panel mounted on a trade show friendly base?

Our second place prize was a Lumos embroidered jacket. With a Lumos jacket you can let everyone know that you stand with an industry leader in value! Look good and protect yourself from the elements while on the work site.

Finally, our third and final prize was a $50 gift certificate, good to use with any Lumos product we offer! Your money goes a long way with the leader in value innovation.

Our three winners are outlined below. All of our entries were extremely impressive and we are looking forward to hosting more contests with exciting new prizes for our dealers. Keep an eye out for more opportunities to win!

First Place Winner: Winndsunn (Iowa)
Modules: (40) Lumos 250 Watt
System Size: 10kW
Mounting Method: SunnRac – Top of Pole mounts
Prize: LSX System Display

Second Place Winner: Sunshine Solar (New Jersey)
Modules: (336) Lumos 250 Watt
System Size: 84kW
Prize: Lumos Jacket

Third Place Winner: Alpenglow Solar (Utah)
Modules: (22) Lumos 250 Watt
Mounting Method: Haticon racking
Inverter: SMA 5000
Prize: $50 Lumos gift card

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