Lumos Solar launches SolarScapes, versatile solar lifestyle structures at Dwell on Design 2013

topher, 2013-05-20

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After Lumos brought home the Best Energy Product award at Dwell on Design 2012 for the LSX Canopy, I had to wonder, what could possibly be better?

So I asked Chris Klinga, the VP of Product Development at Lumos, about the inspiration behind SolarScapes, a pre-built, cantilevered, modular solar structure built with LSX frameless solar modules and customizable in nearly every aspect including angle, size, look and support structure.

Here’s what he had to say: “We had this 4 post canopy (the LSX Canopy) that was a single product, but everyone’s design constraints were different, so our award-winning 4 post system didn’t work in many applications; we wanted a design that was modularized to work in nearly every application.”

Let’s see, a dramatic improvement on an already award-winning concept – yup, that’s visionary.

SolarScapes are not a single product, but rather a customizable, modular structural system that is built on order to fit outdoor living areas, carports, pools, walkways, bus stops or anywhere that shade and solar energy makes sense.

Scalable from as small as  three solar module “tree” with a single post, to an infinitely long commercial canopy with a depth of up to six modules, SolarScapes can be customized to fit anything from a backyard picnic table to an NFL Stadium parking lot.

The standard SolarScape structures are designed to withstand 110 MPH winds, 30PSF snowloads, and Category C Seismic forces, and even stronger designs are available on request. The metal fabrication of each SolarScape is completed in the United States, and shipped ready to be installed at the exact specifications required.

The support structure can be left with its contemporary metal look, or be clad with beautiful and long-lasting Accoya Wood, a sustainably sourced FSC Certified  recyclable wood product with a 50-year warranty.

Building on the success of the frameless LSX Module System and the LSX Canopy, Lumos Solar will attend Dwell on Design 2013, June 21-23, in Los Angeles to launch SolarScapes, the design innovation that is arguably the clean energy industry’s most versatile solar solution.

Solar just moved off the roof.


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  • Barbara Morihiro (2/11/2014 @ 5:34pm)

    Love this! What are the approximate costs and design specs (dimensions, footing sizes, etc.)?

    Thank you!

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