Solar Industry welcomes LUMOS LSX Certified Installer Training

topher, 2013-03-22

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We are proud to announce that LUMOS LSX Certified Installer training is underway. No other solar module manufacturer offers free training to all integrators to ensure professional standards.

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After creating the world’s best-looking and highest-value solar module system, a system described in a Home Power Magazine feature as a “marriage of form and function”, we realized we needed a simple, efficient, and effective training program to teach integrators how to glean maximum value from the LSX Module System. We designed this online, interactive training program for several reasons:

  • To give all LSX integrators the confidence to sell LSX to their customers as well as have the best possible experience installing LSX.
  • To give home and business owners the confidence to choose LSX for their property knowing that their installers are trained in maximizing the value of this exciting new product.
  • To give designers and architects the confidence to push their creativity with the vast architectural capabilities of LSX knowing that LSX Certified Installers can deliver.

All Lumos dealers and installers will now be required to participate in this training and achieve certification. This online, interactive training takes about 30 minutes and includes a 6-part video series, which can be viewed here on YouTube, and a short test.

The training was designed around the same principles with which we invented the LSX Module System in the first place: to help make solar easier, faster, and more aesthetic. Lumos LSX Certified Installer training will fast-forward your ability to deliver the new look of solar.

Our inbox is full to bursting with registrations for the training, and we’d like to congratulate Abraham Solar for being the first integrator to achieve LUMOS LSX Certified Installer status!

Contact Emily Moeschler,, to register today.

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