Lumos LSX described as SEXY in Home Power cover story

topher, 2013-03-13

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Not only did LSX find it’s way into the cover story of the latest issue of Home Power magazine, our flagship technology is also described in terms that likely have never before been used in conjunction with solar power as well as earned rave reviews from the project’s installer.

Lumos LSX frameless modules gracing the cover of a magazine is hardly news anymore – this is the third magazine cover for LSX in little over a year. What’s news is the story revealing that property owners, designers, and installers are finding the LSX Module System to be exactly what they need.

The Home Power cover headline reads: “In pursuit of… THE PERFECT SOLAR ROOFTOP” and is accompanied by a photo of a proud solar installer standing with a Lumos LSX array enhancing the smooth lines of a metal-roofed home.

In the magazine's table of contents, another photo of the LSX array beautifully reflecting of the colors of a west coast sunset reads: “Form meets function in this array of frameless PV modules.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves; blending form and function was the very inspiration for the invention of LSX in the first place.

The feature inside, titled DESIGN with PV in Mind, tells the story of how the frameless solar panels were chosen to power the home owner’s ultra-efficient dream home. The homeowner/author writes:

“The PV system’s design would have been straightforward, except for one thing—my knowledge of a sleek, sexy new PV module that was just being introduced. I had seen Lumos Solar’s glossy frameless modules at a solar conference earlier that year and I was smitten. The marriage of form and function—“art” that made electricity!—was just too tempting for me. I also thought it would be a great opportunity for my solar-installer husband to showcase a product that was a little different from other modules on the market. The company he works for could potentially use our home to show the frameless module option to clients.”

In a sidebar story, the installer shares his experience working with LSX. He explains how, as an experienced installer, he was reluctant to install a new product that he was unfamiliar with, but how he quickly learned to “get along famously” with LSX. 

The installer explains how he is able to rack most the 54 module array unassisted in a little more than a day.  He concludes, “I can’t imagine doing that with traditional modules and rails.”

Here at Lumos we’re overjoyed to hear that the clean energy industry is finding our LSX system to be exactly what we designed it to be: a marriage of form and function that could be utlized today.

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  • Shawn Schreiner (4/11/2013 @ 1:33pm)

    Thank you Lumos. We love our system.


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