Project Spotlights

Highlight of Projects using Lumos' modules


SolarScapes Project Spotlights

SolarScapes, the latest in Lumos products, is a pre-engineered but fully configurable overhead application of the LSX Module System.


Solar Awning Project Spotlights

Solar Awnings are a perfect way to shade an entry, provide shade to the side of the house, or as a raised achitectural feature. See how LSX can be used to really make a solar awning pop!



Solar Canopy and Carport Project Spotlights

Make a shade structure with dual purpose by also having it generate electricity. When designed with LSX, show off that you're conscious of both the environment and aesthetics.

Canopies and Carports


Solar Sculpture Project Spotlights

Solar Scuptures designed with LSX are stunning to look at, generate clean energy, and show the world your dedication to the environment.

Solar Sculptures