Racking Solutions

Lumos has developed two racking solutions that can be adapted to any mounting scenario, PowerMount 2.0 and LSX Rail.  Both racking solutions feature the same extrusion profile. PowerMount 2.0 is designed for framed modules while LSX Rail is designed for our frameless LSX modules.

PowerMount 2.0 is the rail profile on its own pre-cut to 3-6 module widths (39" width modules).  LSX Rail features the same profile but has a rubber cap strip and nuts pre-installed, and is cut to 1-7 LSX modular lengths.

Our unique rail profile has been optimized for pitched installations as well as flat applications.  Its integrated wireway adds strength to the profile while in turn providing a location to run all your wiring.  It’s ¼" nut channel can accept standard ¼" T-bolts, standard ¼" bolts or ¼" jam nuts.  The profile is available perforated or unperforated.  Our standard product is powdercoated black but can also be available anodized at larger quantities. 

Powdercoating vs. Anodizing

Lumos prefers powdercoating for the following reasons:

  • Less conductive which reduces ground fault and galvanic corrosion potential
  • Greater weather-ability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lower cost when made in the USA
  • Less prone to damage on an asphalt roof