LSX Rail

LSX Rail is the designated racking solution for the LSX Frameless Module System

Downloadable Datasheets:

LSX Rail 1.0


LSXRail 1.0 datasheet

  • Integrated Wireway
  • Pre-cut Lengths
  • Low-profile
  • Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Made in the USA


Shawn Schreiner
True South Solar

"I racked the whole thing in about 10 hours almost unassisted.  I couldn't have done that with framed panels, not even close. It really is a uniquely badass looking array"

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LSX Rail is optimized for our LSX frameless modules.  LSX modules can be connected to the rail via their pre-placed nuts and LSX Bolts. LSX Rail is available in 10 lengths per series, 1-7 module portrait lengths and 1-3 module landscape lengths.  Each rail series has a different nut spacing that corresponds to the applicable module series.  The nut spacing for portrait and landscape rail are also different to accommodate the landscape vs. portrait hole spacing.  The rails lengths assume a .24"(6mm) intermodule gap and module overhang of 2 7/16"(62mm).

Installing LSX Rail

Since LSX modules have pre-defined mounting locations LSX Rail must be mounted to the roof at a set spacing depending on the module type and orientation.  Installation instructions and layout cards to assist as installation guidelines are available in our Installer Portal. For flush mount installs we recommend using the Flash so the rails can easily be vertically adjusted on the roof.


LSX Rail Engineering Specs

LSX Rail is engineered to withstand wind loads of 130 mph and 30 psf of snow in an Exposure C when supported at a maximum span of 6ft.  We do not recommend mounting any rail system to a residential roof at greater than 6 ft due to the point loads that greater spans induce on the structure.  This is why we have engineered LSX Rail with the properties that it has.  Lumos provides state specific generic engineering letters given the parameters listed above.  These state specific stamped letters can be found in our Certified Installer online portal. Additional states are available upon request.  If your project needs to be optimized for its site specific conditions that are not encompassed within our letters we would be happy to provide a custom letter for the cost of the professional engineering services.