PowerMount 2.0

PowerMount 2.0 provides a unique racking solution optimized for all traditional framed modules

Comprehensive Datasheet Features
  • Integrated Wireway
  • Black Powdercoat Finish
  • Low-profile
  • Pre-cut Lengths
  • Made in the USA

Bret Heilig
Fiveboro Solar

"I've been using it exclusively since I started my business….I am definitely a PowerMount 2.0 enthusiast."

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PowerMount 2.0 is optimized for framed modules.  Framed modules can be connected via compression style mid/end clamps or be directly mounted to the channel via the mounting holes on the module.  PowerMount 2.0 is available in four lengths that are optimized for 3-6 ~39” wide modules mounted in portrait.  The rails length assumes 1” intermodule spacing and that the rail overhangs the end modules by 2 ½”.

Installing PowerMount 2.0

Lumos recommends installing PowerMount 2.0 so the wireway is lined up with the module junction box.  This minimizes the exposed conductors.  The profile can be oriented in either direction.  Having both wireways “uphill” will ensure the strongest install but the product is engineered for installation in either direction.  Mounting each wireway opposite one another will allow you to utilize both wireways depending on your string layout.  The opposite mount method is preferred by most installers so they can orient the module either direction if necessary.

PowerMount 2.0 comes in two varieties. You can have it perforated or non-perforated. Perforated allows you to choose your connection areas on pre-defined holes whereas with non-perforated, you would have to determine your connection locations and drill the holes yourself.

PowerMount 2.0 Engineering Specs

PowerMount 2.0 is engineered to withstand wind loads of 130 mph and 30 psf of snow in an Exposure C when supported at a maximum span of 6ft.  We do not recommend mounting any rail system to a residential roof at greater than 6 ft due to the point loads that greater spans induce on the structure.  This is why we have engineered PM 2.0 with the properties that it has.  Lumos provides state specific generic engineering letters given the parameters listed above.  Contact-old a Lumos representative or become a certified installer and login through our online portal to get the appropriate letter for your state. If your project needs to be optimized for its site specific conditions that are not encompassed within our letters, we would be happy to provide a custom letter for the cost of the professional engineering services.