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Lumos provides design tools, simplifying solar design

LSX Solar Pergola. Photo courtesy of SolaraloS.
Autodesk Seek Trimble 3D Warehouse
July 29, 2014 – When it comes to a significant renovation or addition, be it a home or a business, most people require visual renderings before they invest the money, time and hassle of construction. This is the same with solar installations. A solar installation will be part of a building for at least 25 years, so how the solar system will look and fit with the building’s original architecture is a key for end users to make their decision.
For architects and installation design engineers, being able to use a more accurate representation of solar products will result in more attractive renderings for their customers. Lumos has made the extra effort to simplify the design process by working with Autodesk Seek and Trimble 3D Warehouse to provide architects and design engineers with 3D models to facilitate the integrate our products into their designs.
Autodesk Seek is a web service that allows architects, design engineers and professionals the ability to quickly discover, preview and download building information modeling (BIM) files, models, drawings and product specifications. Lumos has created 3D revit models for LSX250 Series modules, SolarScapes structure with LSX250 Series modules, and XFlash. Users can take these models to view, rotate, zoom and apply the products, creating beautiful and accurate designs.
The Trimble 3D SketchUp software allows users to quickly create 3D renderings. Starting with simple line/shape drawings, a few nudges of the mouse will allow the flat drawings to take a 3D form. But there is no need to start from scratch with pre-rendered models of buildings, furniture, solar products, etc. Lumos has provided 3D models of LSX250 Series modules and LSXRail 1.0 and 2.0 for architects and design professionals to use to create visually attractive renderings.
We are focused on radically improving your solar customer experience. The design tools are only the tip of the iceberg of the customer experience you will have when working with Lumos.
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LSX Solar Arbor. Photos courtesy of Green Ox Energy Solutions.