Finance a Lumos LSX system with Admirals Alternatives

Lumos Solar now offers Admirals Bank residential financing

March 18, 2014 - Even with the price reductions for solar over the past couple years, a system is still a significant investment for most homeowners. That initial investment to own a system still creates hesitation, even among homeowners who are educated in the environmental and financial long-term benefits. For homeowners who want to own and take advantage of utility rebates and federal/state incentives, a loan is a compelling alternative to a lease.
Lumos recognizes that the more tools we can give you, our certified installers, the easier it is for you to make your sale. We have proactively reached out to Admirals Bank to prequalify you for their Admirals Alternatives programs. By registering as a Lumos contractor, enrollment is simplified and installer fees are waived. Simply go to the Contractor Program Enrollment Form and provide the username Lumos-[contractor name] when signing up for an account.
The Admirals Alternatives solar lending programs can offer the same "no-money-down" option as a lease but with savings that will outpace the most leases. The programs are designed to be easy: apply, get approved and receive funds. Your customer can receive the funds via check or wire transfer in 11-12 business days after the application date. This opportunity gives you another option you can suggest to homeowners. 
For more general information on the program, visit the Admirals Alternatives website: