First Lumos SolarScapes Project Spotlight! Herculaneum wins again!

Lumos SolarScapes visually blends into Herculaneum High School while contributing to the school's energy usage and solar education

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April 1, 2014 - At Herculaneum High School, the students study hard to fill their heads with knowledge for their future, while their school is additionally contributing to their futures with the completion of school wide energy efficient upgrades that include 75kW of solar. This immense project started in 2012 with a campus energy audit conducted by Microgrid Solar, St. Louis solar installer, on behalf of The Doe Run Company who funded this project and has several other environmental investments in the community.

Microgrid suggested a number of improvements including (2) 6kW solar canopies. Both canopies utilized Lumos LSX frameless solar modules, which gave the canopies an unmatched aesthetic appeal. The first canopy, overlooking the football stadium, utilizes a custom structure. The second is a Lumos SolarScape that is located in the cafeteria courtyard to provide shade for those enjoying lunch outside.
The Herculaneum High School SolarScape is a dual support, powdercoated structure with (24) LSX modules setup in a 4x6 configuration. Because of the patented through-bolt technology of the LSX modules system, mounted modules leave an easy-to-seal 1/4" gap between modules. LSXSeal was used to seal this gap making the canopy weather resistant, creating a pleasantly dry shelter even during rainy days.
SolarScapes are a pre-engineered, fully configurable solar canopy solution that was created by the Lumos Product Development/Engineering team based on the requested needs of customers. As an added benefit of the SolarScapes, "Lumos supplied the shop drawings (for permitting), the steel structure, the modules, and the rail," says Microgrid. Thus, simplifying the design, procurement and installation of this canopy.
The 6kW SolarScape and the other 69kW of solar installed at the Herculaneum High School will be maintained and monitored by Microgrid over the next 20-year period. The overall project is expected to save the school over $2million over the projected lifetime.
See Microgrid Solar's full press release.
Project Spotlight Specs:
  • Location: Herculaneum, MO
  • System Size: 5.76kW
  • Modules: (24) LSX250 Series, 240W clear backsheet modules
  • Installation Type: SolarScapes