Function meet Grace with LSX Modules in Templeton, CA

Solar keeps the home cool during sunny California days

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November 12, 2013 - Having southern exposure is often a huge selling point for a home: more natural light into the house and warmth in the cooler months. However, for the Palmer family, the 60-foot span southern exposed front side of their home was just a bit too much.
As progressive thinking Californians, the Palmers decided to put in a solar canopy; prompting them to work with local Templeton, CA installer, SolaraloS. The project originated as a solar patio cover, but after determining the Palmers' true needs, evolved into a single-post 7ft x 40ft solar awning to provide shade across the front of the home.
With such a front exposed system, aesthetics were extremely important. To meet these unique needs, SolaraloS used Lumos LSX modules to be able to create a system that was pleasing to the eye, and gracefully blended into the home's design. The system provides just the right amount of shade to keep the front of the house cooler and, by utilizing Lumos LSX clear modules, allows UV protected, ambient light to filter through; still providing the home with plenty of natural light.
SolaraloS owner Jack Hanauer had the idea of building solar patio covers for years, but the cost of bifacial panels was just too much to make it viable. When Lumos came out with the LSX frameless panels, Jack jumped on the new look of solar bandwagon.
"I have really enjoyed using Lumos LSX panels," says Jack Hanauer.  "The design of the panels and rails have helped simplify our canopy installs and the built-in rail wire management give a clean look from under the canopy."
Project Spotlight Specs:
  • Display Location:  Templeton, CA
  • System Size:  4kW
  • Module:  (16) LSX250 Series, 250W clear backsheet modules
  • Installation Type:  Solar Shade Awning