Going 100% off-grid with Lumos LSX

Transporting LSX from Colorado to Tennessee and going off-grid

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May 20, 2014 - When it comes to design, Jim McHood, owner of Formalized Design, Inc., thinks outside of the box. In 2012, he designed his own LSX solar system, utilizing (40) LSX200 Series modules for his home in Colorado Springs, CO.
In 2013, his company and family made the decision to move from Colorado to Tennessee - as the crow flies, that's over 1,000 miles! Not wanting to leave his LSX modules behind, Jim made arrangements to have the modules transported to Tennessee to compliment his new off-grid home. To meet the energy requirements of the new home, an additional (24) LSX250 Series modules were added to create a 13kW solar system.
The new McHood home is 4,800 sq. ft. with all the modern conveniences including a refrigerator, dishwasher, gas stove, microwave, vent, garbage disposal, washer and gas dryer, hot water, HVAC, ceiling fans, well pump and lighting indoors and outdoor. Batteries are used to power the house in the evenings and during days of no sun. A backup LP generator with an "auto on" will also meet energy needs for continuous days of no sun. Otherwise, the house runs on sunshine. Designed by Jim, the home and off-grid system has been designed to house and meet the energy needs of 2+ families.
This project spotlight is a perfect example of how LSX can be applied to bridge function and aesthetic appeal. For the McHood family, it was equally as important to have a beautiful solar array to compliment their home, as it was to have an array capable of taking them 100% off-grid. LSX was able to equally meet both of these needs.
Project Spotlight Specs:
  • Location: Tennessee
  • System Size: 12.96kW
  • Modules: (40) LSX200 Series, 180W black backsheet modules & (24) LSX250 Series, 240W black backsheet modules
  • Installation Type: Ground Mount Off-Grid System