All your Lumos tools at your fingertips

Easy access to Lumos resources with our Installer Portal

August 19, 2014 – As a Lumos Certified Installer, has this ever happened to you?  It’s 11pm and you just cannot find the email with the LSX Installation Manual and critical dimensions document that you need right then. It’s 11pm…should you call your Regional Sales Manager? 

A better solution would be to open a browser window and go to the Lumos Installer Portal webpage and with a quick login, you’ll be able to locate and download what you need. The Installer Portal is right at your fingertips and is an excellent resource for all your projects from sales, to design, and to final build.

The Installer Portal current consists of 3 major sections: Products Lineup, Engineering and Downloadable Content.

The Products Lineup provides you product information about our LSX Panels, SolarScapes, LSXRail, and XFlash. At the top of each of these sections, we highlight the latest news and features about the products, keeping you informed of upcoming changes and anything new. In addition, along with datasheets, you will find the latest installation manuals and supporting engineering information, and warranty documents for the products.
We know how difficult the permitting process can be, so our Engineering section gives you access to generic engineering letters for select products. Our engineering team is continuously working to expand this list and updates will be added as this information becomes available. In addition, this page contains the links to Autodesk Seek and Trimble 3D Warehouse Sketchup 3D design tools and models for Lumos products.
Probably one of the most valuable sections of the Installer Portal is the Downloadable Content.  Datasheets, installation manuals, and brochures have been consolidated to make them easy access for you to download. Brochures are a collection of photo rich content that you can present to your customers to educate them on the features, benefits and uses of LSX for their home or business. They are an excellent resource for your sales team.
We are focused on radically improving your solar customer experience. The Installer Portal is for you, our Certified Installers, and will constantly evolve to meet your needs.  If you have any comments or questions about the Installer Portal, contact us and tell us how we can improve your experience.