LSX - a look beyond the aesthetics

Part 1: Ease of Install

April 8, 2014 - The Lumos LSX Module System has been utilized in some of the most aesthetically pleasing solar installations in the industry. It is often because of these unique and visually appealing applications that our customers and end-users come to us for their solar needs.  But LSX is more than just a pretty face, its numerous features and benefits make it a far greater value than a standard solar module.

Designed by installers for installers, the LSX Module System was conceived around the idea that there must be a better, faster, and easier way to install solar modules. The system consists of railing and modules that can be adapted to any flashing or racking system for flexibility. Because the modules are frameless, there is no module grounding needed, which removes the need for module grounding lugs. And with the unique through-bolt mounting of the LSX Module System there is no need for shared mid- and end-clamps.
The LSXRail has proven itself to be one of the most versatile components of the LSX Module System. With its integrated wire management, wires are safely and cleanly tucked away as part of the system. This channel naturally protects the wires from UV exposure and wire chewing critters. The LSXRail is available in module-specific lengths which eliminates field cutting; and since the bolt channels are pre-positioned in the railing, the module positioning is constrained for perfect alignment with the rails.
Installation is a simple matter of aligning and installing the LSXRail, setting the LSX modules in alignment with the bolt channels and locking the panels in place with the tamper resistant LSX Bolts.
Not to say aesthetics isn't important. The LSX frameless modules are the industry's most attractive solar modules, whether mounted on a roof or in an overhead application. Because of the tight integration of the LSX modules with the LSXRail, overall, the system has a very sleek and low-profile look. On a roof, these modules often take on the appearance of floating glass, blending into the roof appearance much better than its framed counterparts. The black backsheet modules are suggested for roof-mount applications so there will be no light transmittance, thus keeping the roof protected over the lifetime of the solar system.
LSX - a look beyond the aesthetics series will continue with "Part 2 - Performance".
For a full list of the features and benefits of LSX, see our "LSX Difference" brochure.