LSX - a look beyond the aesthetics, Part 3: Service

June 10, 2014 – When looking at a superior product, such as the Lumos LSX module system, you also expect a superior level of service. The Lumos team does not disappoint. From sales and marketing to engineering support, Lumos works with you to make your experience a positive one.
As an installer or architect your experience starts by filling in our Certified Installer Application. As we only sell business to business, this is an efficient way to get all the necessary information from you with minimal hassle. One of our regional sales managers will reach out to speak with you to verify some details, but mostly to discuss your needs and inquire how Lumos can support you and your customers.
As an end user, by filling out a Find an Installer form, we link you up with one of our certified installers. This is to ensure that your system will only be installed by companies we have certified, giving you peace of mind for the installation of your LSX solar system.
The Lumos Sales team stays in regular contact with installers from planning to completion. The Sales team makes sure that you have all the documentation required for designs and permits applications, and will help answer questions. Should issues arise, the Sales team collaborates with you smooth out any wrinkles, and will go above and beyond to make sure the project will install as smoothly as possible. The Lumos Engineering team is available to answer more technical questions, and we also offer system design services.
“Being the first Lumos installation for us, I was very pleased with the prompt, honest support provided by Lumos. As with any first time install, there were a few minor bumps in the road that Lumos helped smooth out.”
Holt and T.K. Kelly of Holtek Solar
Following a project completion, as an added bonus we spotlight projects on a weekly basis to inspire recipients on how to integrate LSX into a home or business. From roof mount, ground mount, but mostly overhead applications, completed projects are highlighted, unique features emphasized, and installation companies are praised for their creativity. The spotlight is a great marketing opportunity both for Lumos and our partnering installers and architects, and businesses.
For a full list of features and benefits of LSX, see our "LSX Difference" brochure.