LSX achieves Class 4 hail rating...becoming the most impact resistant solar module in the industry

With a Class 4 Hail Rating, LSX proves to be the solar industry's most impact resistant module

March 4, 2014 - Like other forms of precipitation, hail can occur a significant portion of each year, most commonly developing between March and October. But unlike rain and snow, hail can cause significant direct impact damage.
With Lumos LSX modules being used more and more often in overhead applications, Lumos is often inquired about the ability for LSX to be used as a roof-like material. In an industry where 3-4mm of glass is the standard, at 6mm LSX should be the most impact resistant solar module in the industry and the Lumos Product Development team went out to prove it.
Since a typical solar testing laboratory only offers up to Class 3 Hail impact testing, Lumos was required to send LSX modules to Architectural Testing, Inc., a company that specializes in testing and certifying homebuilding materials (i.e. roofing tiles, exterior doors, house siding, etc.). Architectural Testing subjected the LSX module to its most rigorous hail impact test which follows the ANSI FM 4473 test procedure: “Specification Test Standard for Impact Resistance Testing of Rigid Roofing Materials by Impacting with Freezer Ice Balls.”
(6) Man-made, 2-inch diameter, solid ice balls were launched using an air cannon. The cannon launched the ice balls at specified points on the module at speeds ranging from 75 mph to nearly 84 mph. LSX came out of the test with no dents, cracks, or other signs of physical damage, obtaining a Class 4 rating.
“We have built a module to withstand the extremes of today’s environmental conditions and have in-turn created a roofing component that is at the top of its class," says Chris Klinga, Lumos VP of Product Development. "Our customers can now have the peace-of-mind that their solar array will be as strong if not stronger than the most durable roof available.”
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