LSX tops the roof of the Loop at UC Santa Barbara

Loop Isla Vista uses LSX to blend LEED certification with aesthetics


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February 25, 2014 - Once an old auto service station located adjacent to the University of California Santa Barbara; the Loop is now the shining "LEED certified" star of Isla Vista. The nearly 45,000 sqft mixed-use building will now be the home of 8,000 sqft of commercial space and 48 "modern loft" rental units. And shading the beach facing exercise facility next to the "sky deck" are (45) Lumos LSX200 Series, clear backsheet modules - converting the Santa Barbara sun into electricity.
The Loop has been an actively participated community based project. Students and staff were surveyed before construction. The project has been driven by UCSB environmental studies students and is linked with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, private developers Mesa Lane Partners, the Environmental Defense Center, the Community Environmental Council and the USGBC. In addition, to get this project off the ground, it was financed by both private and public sources such as Bank of the West, Santa Barbara County Redevelopment Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.
Even though the Loop was built with Passive House building principles, to match and impress upon the collegiate community, the building has a very modern design. To match the contemporary aesthetics of the building, the solar installer looked to Lumos LSX modules. The sleek, low-profile look of the LSX clear modules is a perfect match to the Loop architecturally, while allowing ambient light to filter through keeping an opened, airy feel to the exercise deck. In addition, it was important that the array be sealed to protect both the equipment and residents during the few rainy days in Santa Barbara. LSX was the ideal fit for this project meeting the unique combination of aesthetics and function with solar.
Project Spotlight Specs:
  • Location: Santa Barbara, CA
  • System Size: 8.10kW
  • Modules: (45) LSX200 Series, 180W clear backsheet modules
  • Installation Type: Roof Top Solar Canopy