Lumos LSX found in the heart of Texas

Solar Canopy with LSX brings a "splash of practical class" to Texas

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April 29, 2014 - In the heart of Texas, between Dallas and Austin, is the city of Waco. This is where you will find Holtek Fireplace & Solar Products. Holtek is a family business that has over 10 years of designing and installing solar systems.

For the Wheelis Ranch, the Holtek team of Holt Kelly and T.K. Kelly were challenged with the need to incorporate aesthetics with the solar array they were designing. Lumos LSX proved to be the perfect solar panel choice to meet this challenge.
"Aesthetics are no longer an issue on any project. We now have more options in the design stage as well as giving the system owner more options," claims Holtek.
The solar canopy will provide welcome shade to the front porch and the house during the hot summer days while generating enough electricity to power the home. The 3.5kW system will reduce the ranch's Carbon Dioxide footprint by 3.1MT/year which is equivalent to burning 354 gallons of gasoline in a year.
Visually, the system blends nicely in with the home while simultaneously giving it a "splash of practical class, " says Holtek. The LSX modules give the system a unique look that will make the home entrance welcoming to the homeowner and visitors alike.
Project Spotlight Specs:
  • Location: Axtell, TX
  • System Size: 3.5kW
  • Modules: (14) LSX250 Series, 250W clear backsheet modules
  • Installation Type: Custom Solar Canopy