Lumos LSX Solar Awning

LSX integrated with architectural principles based on 5,000 year-old Sanskrit Texts

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February 4, 2014 - Installed in Austin, TX by Lighthouse Solar, this architecturally unique residence will catch anyone's eye with its custom solar awning. The residence was designed along Vedic architectural principles which must follow specific proportions, materials, and systems to carefully conform with the principles of 5,000 year-old Sanskrit texts.
Vedic architectural principles focus on "connecting the individual intelligence of the occupants of the house to the cosmic intelligence of the universe" with the intent of creating fortune to the building/home and its occupants. Vedic principles also emphasize the use of natural or "green" building materials.
Solar helped the homeowners achieve their net-zero goal. Lumos LSX modules, with their clean, sleek, frameless design, became a pivotal design feature of this architecturally unique home.
"The custom solar awning demonstrates the unique compatibility of an ageless technology, the sun, with a cutting edge application, featuring Lumox LSX modules. The custom solar awning resulted in strong reactions by the local community. It is a challenge to the status quo but one that pushes the envelope when integrating compelling technologies with traditions." stated Stan Pipkin, VP Managing Director of Lighthouse Solar in Austin, TX.
Project Spotlight Specs:
  • Location:  Austin, TX
  • System Size:  14.0kW
  • Module(s): (64) LSX200 Series, 180W clear backsheet modules & (14) LSX200 Series, 180W black backsheet modules
  • Installation Type:  Custom Solar Awning