Solar meets 130 years of history and creates art

130 years of history meets modern LSX

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November 19, 2013 - For the Nietch family, it was a labor of love to restore their 130 year-old home to its glory. Because of the age of the home, it had to meet historic district guidelines, creating challenges in the restoration and addition while simultaneously meeting their personal and professional goals of a more sustainable lifestyle and net zero energy consumption.
A photovoltaic solar system with unshaded southern exposure was a critical feature for the family to achieve their goals. However, it was frowned upon by the historic guidelines to install a roof mounted system. Working with Loveland, OH installers, EcoEnvironments, an aesthetically pleasing, solar pergola design using Lumos LSX modules was accepted as a perfect solution to meet historic guidelines and meet the home's electricity needs.
This beautiful looking solar pergola is a wonderful addition to the restoration of this home.  Invisible from the street, as required by historic guidelines, it remains a non-obtrusive visible reminder to both the Nietch family and their southern neighbors of their commitment to the environment.
"With the Lumos LSX clear modules we are now able to offer our customers form and function as part of their solar structures," says Katey Wygant of EcoEnvironment.
Project Spotlight Specs:
  • Display Location:  Cincinnati, OH
  • System Size:  2.88kW
  • Module:  (12) LSX250 Series, 240W clear backsheet modules
  • Installation Type:  Solar Shade Pergola