GSX Bifi Module System

GSX bifacial module with integrated weatherproof mounting system

What is GSX?

The GSX Module System consists of our GSX Bifi Glass-Glass Solar Module and GSX Mounting System.  GSX Modules use bifacial solar cells allowing them to produce energy on both the sunny side and the back side of the module. The GSX Module System provides integrated weatherproofing and completely conceals junction boxes and conductors.  The GSX Bifi System is unparalleled in the solar industry today.

Spec Sheets

GSX Spec Sheet

GSX Spec Sheet

GSX BiFi Module System

  • Weatherproof
  • Bifacial Cells
  • Glass Glass Construction
  • PID Free
  • No ground lugs and no continuous module equipment ground
  • Completely concealed junction box and conductors

Coming Q3! GSX BiFi 72 Module System  

  • 72 Cells Bifacial Module
  • 400W power output
  • Updated mounting system